Jaana Okulov

Interdisciplinary artist & researcher



An interactive art installation, an emotional artificial intelligence logic, and a research project.

Olento Collective members: Jani Hietanen, Matti Hyvönen, Jaana Ristola, Ismo Torvinen, Pat Nav, Mari Ljokkoi, Saara Hannus
Collaborators: Katri Saarikivi and Valtteri Wikström from NEMO research group, Heikki Ketoharju, Anne Naukkarinen, Veera Hirvaskero

The Olento Collective consists of a small team of artists and creative individuals dedicated to the development of Olento. It is our ambition to produce an artificial intelligence (Olento) capable of learning via a modicum of multi-modal information streams, with intent to deploy iterations of it in environments ranging from academic to artistic. Olento’s logic is based on aesthetic motion, reacting and investing into the dialogue of expressions generated during its encounters. Our hope is, that in time, any one iteration of Olento would then develop the ability to express itself based on the data and experiences it takes in, utilizing them in a variety of ways as it exists in virtual space. Olento in effect would then work to fluidly mirror our inner experience as it is expressed outward: intimacy and affection can be felt in a soft, caressing touch; belligerence and hostility in tense, sharp trajectories and vicious dynamism.

A program to study affects of color. Olento Collective 2017.

Physics reacting to heat, Olento Collective 2017.

Receptive digital body, a sketch of a receptive sensory structure of an artificial intelligence, Olento Collective, 2017.

Pixelache 2016. The viewer’s facial expressions affecting Olento’s soundscape and visual aesthetics.

Sideways 2016. Olento interpreting the emotion of concert audience through its visual aesthetics and soundscape.

Artificial intelligence learning from facial expressions. Olento Collective 2016.

Olento – Jaana Okulov