Jaana Okulov

Interdisciplinary artist & researcher



Images of an algorithmic process, where color layers are first isolated and then combined. Original code: Grogan et al., Automatic Palette Extraction for Image Editing, 2018, original images taken by me, from IAPS dataset, from open source libraries, from a friend, and from a stranger. Collaboration with Yu Tian (current) and Tassu Takala (2018–2021) The images below are sketches for developing the program and documentation of the process from November 2019 onwards.

August 2023

Aesthetic variations from two themes.

June 2023

April 2023


December 2021


October 2021

Images looking like renaissance paintings

something appears

August 2021

flooding water, shoulders, a roof, and a bird

November 2019

Emergent – Jaana Okulov