Jaana Okulov

Interdisciplinary artist & researcher



I have joined a research collegium Embodied Eureka at the University of Jyväskylä. We investigate interpersonal synchrony and reorganization of verbal and nonverbal experience in therapeutic interventions. Experience is examined as multi-dimensional, interactive phenomenon that evolves over time and is constructed through both words and multi-sensory bodily sensations.


3 publications out:

Okulov, J. (2023). Quantifying Qualia. In: Misselhorn, C., Poljanšek, T., Störzinger, T., Klein, M. (eds) Emotional Machines. Technikzukünfte, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft / Futures of Technology, Science and Society. Springer VS, Wiesbaden. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-658-37641-3_11

Okulov, J. (2023). Data as Expression. JOURNAL OF AESTHETICS AND PHENOMENOLOGY, 9(2), 191-207.

Okulov, J. (2022). Artificial Aesthetics and Aesthetic Machine Attention. AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, 29, 13-28. https://doi.org/10.25038/am.v0i29.534


KAUTE Foundation wrote about my research. You can read it here.






I am at the moment concentrating on writing my doctoral thesis ‘Quantifying Qualia’ and not updating these pages that often.







ARS17 Hackathon 9 – 10.11.2017

Collaboration with researcher, and developer Valtteri Wikström.

Kiasma and Microsoft together are organizing a 24-hour ARS17 Hackathon event. During the event, 8 artists and 8 developers will showcase their talent through a new interactive or digital creation.

ARS17 Hackathon emphasizes digitalization as a creative space in which interaction plays a vital role. The hackathon event combines artists and developers, promotes dialogue and creates an understanding of digital opportunities. It also offers participants the opportunity to experiment and develop different ways of working and networking among various experts from different fields.

Kiasma’s ARS17 exhibition gives the event an inspiring frame of reference. The new creations deal with present and future of digitalization, utilize new technology or embracing the Internet and gaming world.


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